Beauty Tips

  • Serendi Beauty’s ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock (Sunscreen)’

    Light and refreshing without smudges, keep skin temperature cool Serendi Beauty, well-known for its home-care brand, announced ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock’, which can be used by all ages and genders, as a must-have-item for the summer. ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock’, as its name refers, is a product t... View Post
  • Serendi Beauty ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream’

    A premium home care brand, Serendi Beauty has released new human body application test results of its ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream.’ The test result of body cream showed that 'Puredela Boosting Body Cream' improved skin blood circulation, skin swollen, and skin elasticity. The product has been c... View Post
  • 'Red Propolis' Line of Home Care Cosmetic Brand Serendi Beauty

    The home care cosmetic brand ‘Serendi Beauty’, for modern people who keep their beauty while they live a busy life, launched a new product line called ‘Red Propolis.’ This newly launched ‘Red Propolis’ line has a total of eight products reflecting customers’ needs, including five skincare produc... View Post
  • ‘From NosyBe’, representing minimalist lifestyle, has gained popularity for best effect with minimal usage of products by introducing simple usage and eco-friendly ingredients.   One of the top selling products called ‘Peel & Good Essence mask’ contains AHA ingredient. It can be used only on... View Post
  • Serendi Beauty Sea Water Algae Mist

    ‘Sea Water Algae Mist’ branded by Serendi Beauty has been gaining popularity and recommended by Son Yeon-Jae, one of well-known Olympic gymnast in Korea. The mist, also known as “Glow Mist,” is loved by consumers because it gives natural glowing effect and forms a moisturizing barrier on skin.   ... View Post