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    Vegan Color Beauty Brand ‘La.Breeze’, Officially Launched in the US

    Vegan Color Beauty Brand ‘La.Breeze’, Officially Launched in the US La.Breeze, a vegan beauty brand based in the US, announced the launched, as world’s eyes are focusing mainly on the clean and vegan beauty trend. La.Breeze is a word combining 2 words; 1) ‘Lab,’ meaning of ‘vegan beauty lab that ... View Post

    Sparkling Pack sold 1 product in every minute during!

    SERENDIBEAUTY, premium home-care brand, announced renewal. Since the launch in 2016, Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack has been a product that sold 1 product per minute, recording 510,000 pcs cumulative sales. The brand introduced the mask pack with high customer satisfaction and ranked first in the ... View Post

    SerendiBeauty successfully finished pop-up store at Matsuya Department Store in Japan.

    Premium home-care brand, SERENDIBEAUTY accelerates expanding its business into Asian market, after entering into US market in January, 2020. Starting from September 16th, for 7 days, SERENDIBEAUTY’s first pop-up store in Japan was held at Ginza branch in Matsuya Department Store. This event recei... View Post

    Serendi Beauty’s ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock (Sunscreen)’

    Light and refreshing without smudges, keep skin temperature cool Serendi Beauty, well-known for its home-care brand, announced ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock’, which can be used by all ages and genders, as a must-have-item for the summer. ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock’, as its name refers, is a product t... View Post

    Serendi Beauty ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream’

    A premium home care brand, Serendi Beauty has released new human body application test results of its ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream.’ The test result of body cream showed that 'Puredela Boosting Body Cream' improved skin blood circulation, skin swollen, and skin elasticity. The product has been c... View Post