Vegan Color Beauty Brand ‘La.Breeze’, Officially Launched in the US

Vegan Color Beauty Brand ‘La.Breeze’, Officially Launched in the US

La.Breeze, a vegan beauty brand based in the US, announced the launched, as world’s eyes are focusing mainly on the clean and vegan beauty trend.

La.Breeze is a word combining 2 words; 1) ‘Lab,’ meaning of ‘vegan beauty lab that researches continuous beauty with safe ingredients that anyone can use’, and 2) ‘Breeze,’ meaning of ‘small but meaningful wind of practice.’
La.Breeze puts △ good consumption-oriented, excluding animal testing and ingredients from animals △ mild color products that completed hypoallergenic clinical evaluation trials △ value of product development, containing extract derived from nature, proven effectiveness to deliver natural and comfortable vegan vibe of the brand in the product.

Prestigious vegan cosmetics ‘EVE’ verified 3 new types of product of ‘Get Better Velvet Lipstick’, even completed test on animals, hypoallergenic test to prove that it contains no animal ingredients, and for stimulation. Particularly, it contains Argan Kernel Oil and Dutch Tulip Extract to calm the dead skin cells, providing moisturizing application on the lips. On the other hand, the finish after putting on lipstick is soft, and is less stained on the mask. It is semi-matte formulated, which does not feel stuffy, anyone can easily use it.

Three types of ‘Get Better Velvet Lipstick’ consists of Nude Beige (Number 01), sweet nude and toned down deep pink, Salty Pink (Number 02), Spicy Red (Number 03) of scarlet red. It’s a color pigment that completes a various atmosphere depending on the number of touches made, and can express various colors through a gradation and mixture of the three colors.

La.Breeze’s marketing representative says “our brand’s definition of real beauty and its end is meeting yourself in perfect”, and “we hope you join the good vegan brand La.Breeze, for all who begins their journey to beauty.” Meanwhile, the brand product will be released through online channels at or at Amazon.


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