Sparkling Pack sold 1 product in every minute during!

SERENDIBEAUTY, premium home-care brand, announced renewal. Since the launch in 2016, Serendi Beauty Sparkling Pack has been a product that sold 1 product per minute, recording 510,000 pcs cumulative sales. The brand introduced the mask pack with high customer satisfaction and ranked first in the purchase rate based on the official mall.

The brand official quotes, “Sparkling Pack is called ‘pore shrinking pack’, ‘pore carbonation pack’, ‘pore disappearing pack’ by customers. Not to forget they also mentioned they liked especially the popping sound and the feeling of the carbonation. The mask pack’s unique charm went through human application test to prove the effect of improving pore area, skin texture, and swelling, only with one usages.

According to SERENDIBEAUTY, the product consists of citric acid mask sheet, with syringe contained alkaline gel. This creates carbonic acid action to remove sebum and insanities on the face, proven the safety with patented differentiated technology.

The product is available at

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