Serendi Beauty Sea Water Algae Mist

‘Sea Water Algae Mist’ branded by Serendi Beauty has been gaining popularity and recommended by Son Yeon-Jae, one of well-known Olympic gymnast in Korea. The mist, also known as “Glow Mist,” is loved by consumers because it gives natural glowing effect and forms a moisturizing barrier on skin.


‘Sea Water Algae Mist’ can be used as a toner and essence as 4 types of Jeju algae mineral components calm your skin and slough off dead skin cells. In addition, it also can be applied as a makeup booster and fixer. Apply to your face before makeup as a booster for your next makeup step. It helps BB creams and foundations last longer. Or apply it after makeup to set the makeup. It keeps skin texture even and helps your makeup a natural, healthy glow.


‘Sea Water Algae Mist’ keeps skin moisturized and prevents from dryness and rough skin. Spray it in a circular motion at a distance of 30cm away from your face, whenever your skin feels dry and tight.


The mist can be used in many ways, as it is a convenient and easy size to take around with you.

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  • Posted by Grace on

    I just bought and used this product and super satisfied. I purchased 60ml size and it’s portable size that can carry it in my bag~!!!!

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