Serendi Beauty’s ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock (Sunscreen)’

Light and refreshing without smudges, keep skin temperature cool

Serendi Beauty, well-known for its home-care brand, announced ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock’, which can be used by all ages and genders, as a must-have-item for the summer.

‘Essential Ultra Sunblock’, as its name refers, is a product that is light and refreshing that adheres to the skin without being sticky, lowering down the temperature of the heated skin, while increasing the moisture and freshness. The product contains ‘Nectar Pure’, made from plants grown using organic farming in the Alps and clean water of Valais of Switzerland.

Particularly, Serendi Beauty’s ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock’ complements number of problems from existing sun screen products so that it’s possible to implement moisturizing and shiny skin without slump and white turbidity. ‘Essential Ultra Sunblock’ with SPF 50 well blocks sun damage and prevents the darkening, and lowers the skin temperature due to patented ingredient called “Sepicalm.”

The reviews caught people’s sight with satisfaction of the users, because the product, creamy type sunscreen with refreshing orange scent, did not lift in white or was pushed when Serendi Beauty’s ‘Blossom Tone Up Cream’ is used as a make-up base before using cushions of BB cream.


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  • Posted by Hye Kim on

    It is so frustrating that Serendi market discontinued some of the best products. Hope you bring it back this sunscreen and Serendi original cushion. Thank you.

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