'Serendi Beauty Red Propolis Triple Ampoule’ is highly rated by GlowPick Survey

‘Red Propolis Triple Ampoule’ by Serendi Beauty, a premium homecare cosmetic brand, has been drawing attention from consumers and has received a favorable result of survey conducted by “GlowPick”, one of top cosmetics survey platform.

In the survey answered by 196 GlowPick users who tested the product for 2 weeks, ‘Red Propolis Triple Ampoule’ rated high in satisfaction in eight categories, including 86.2%, 90.3% and 93.4% satisfaction rate on glow effect, glossy improvement, and light texture satisfaction, respectively.

‘Red Propolis Triple Ampoule’ is one of Serendi Beauty’s signature products and thus, it is safe to use for skin gloss and transparency as it has completed a skin luminous and hypoallergenic test.

Unlike other ampoules containing purified water, its main ingredient of red propolis (699,000ppm) helps soothe skin, improve elasticity, and reduce inflammation.

“We are very pleased to announce that the Serendi Beauty’s Red Propolis Triple ampoule has been recognized from the GlowPick’s survey. The ampoule would well fit for people who worry about leaving makeup stains on mask or who prefer a light texture as wearing face mask is necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic” an official in Serendi Beauty said.

‘Red Propolis Triple ampoule’ is gaining popularity as a ‘Revitalizing ampoule’ that transforms fatigued skin into healthy glowing skin. It is available on SERENDI MARKET (www.serendi-market.com). 

Available at Red Propolis Triple Ampoule


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    Excited about this news! I saw the new product release information on Instagram and was wondering when the US customer would able to buy this but now I can finally shop at Serendi Market. I like that the price of this ampoule is affordable. I’ve heard lots of commendations for red propolis and excited to see how my skin will improve. Can’t wait to try this!

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