“Serendi Beauty Red Propolis,” Honey-like Glowing Makeup Secret from Aori, Youtuber.

Aori, the famous beauty YouTuber with 400,000 subscribers, is becoming a hot topic among women in their 10s to 30s as she unveiled great items to be combined with Serendi Beauty Red Propolis Honey as the secret to honey-like glowing makeup.

After supplementing moisture and glow with Serendi Beauty's Red Propolis Triple Ampoule, Aori used Red Propolis Moisture Triple Cushion to create a clear, honey-like glowing makeup. 

She also closely covered areas of concern with the Red Propolis High Covering Triple Cushion to maintain a clear glow and complete smooth, flawless skin.

Serendi Beauty's Red Propolis Triple Ampoule chosen by Youtuber Aori contains 699,000 ppm of premium Red Propolis extract, helping improve skin’s immunity and protect the skin from external irritation. It has recently obtained clinical verification for improving skin radiance, clearness, and deep elasticity, and is characterized by creating a brightly glowing skin tone. “Red Propolis Moisture Triple Cushion” contains pearl, diamond powder, and Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract to find the glow hidden within the skin and completed clinical tests for its 25-hour-lasting radiance that creates skin that stays bright for a long time. “Red Propolis High Covering Triple Cushion,” which is great when used together with “Red Propolis Moisture Triple Cushion,” closely covers skin flaws without clumps and has completed the clinical test for 25-hour-lasting anti-darkening and texture-covering, helping to maintain porcelain-like skin for a long time.

An official from Serendi Beauty said, "Red Propolis Triple Ampoule and both types of the Red Propolis Cushions have been attracting a great amount of attention from consumers since they were introduced by Youtuber Aori as a makeup combination optimized for those who feel burdened by applying too much makeup due to the continuous use of masks. With ampoules and cushions, you will be able to moisturize both the inner and outer layers of the skin to complete a bright and radiant look that appears makeup-free,” he said.

The Red Propolis Makeup Edition, which makes beautiful honey-like glowing skin, is available at serendi-market.com at anytime. 







  • Posted by Jayne on

    I’m a big fan of Aori! I saw the video that Aori was doing her makeup by using this product. Her skin is glowy after applying red propolis cushion. I definitely want to give a shot to this product. It seems it has coverage but hydration. Adding to my summer wish list.

  • Posted by Grey on

    I recall that there was a European brand also called Serendi, one I liked so much. While search for the brand I ended up here. Has the company acquired by Korean? Is it the same company I remember?

    I haven’t used this brand yet, but I would like to try it. I wonder if I can get a promotion code. OR if I can get an email in advance when promotion is planned, I would like to come and buy it. I cannot visit the site everyday and check the promotion.

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