Serendi Beauty ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream’

A premium home care brand, Serendi Beauty has released new human body application test results of its ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream.’ The test result of body cream showed that 'Puredela Boosting Body Cream' improved skin blood circulation, skin swollen, and skin elasticity. The product has been called as ‘home care body cream,’ because anyone can care their body with the product at their home.

In Korea, Serendi Beauty has conducted several clinical trials at the P&K Skin Clinical Research Center and Institute of Skin Science with ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream’ in early of this year;  non-irritating clinical trials for 24 hours, skin blood flow, swelling, and elasticity improvement clinical trials for 4 weeks, and cellulite reduction clinical trials for 8 weeks. The trials proved that Puredela Boosting Body Cream is not only a non-irritating product, but also improves skin blood flow, skin swelling, skin elasticity, and cellulite.

 ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream’ contains proven natural ingredients such as water parsley extract, hydrolyzed collagen, vitamin B5 derivatives panthenol and patented Fructan ingredients which give moisture on dry skin keeping healthy and moist skin.
Serendi Beauty official said, “The results of the clinical trials is showing objective data on the effects of 'Puredela Boosting Body Cream' on skin blood flow, swelling, elasticity and cellulite reduction.

Serendi Beauty has been officially sponsoring ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream’ at Gangdong Miz Women’s Hospital in Korea since May 2020. The cream was provided to mothers who gave a birth and started to take care of their body.  A hospital official said, “Leg swelling and edema are common issues raised by pregnant mothers. The cream would be a perfect gift for them as the issues can be easily solved by 'Puredela Boosting Body Cream.' ‘Puredela Boosting Body Cream’ is now known as a "swelling-down" cream among the mothers.

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