Launching of Puredela Boosting Body Cream Containing Serendi Beauty’s At-Home Skincare Know-hows

Serendi Beauty, a premium at-home skincare cosmetic brand created for modern people who cannot give up beauty even in their busy daily lives, has announced the launch of their body slimming cream, “Puredela Boosting Body Cream.”

The “Puredela” of the newly launched “Puredela Boosting Body Cream” is a compound word of the English word, “Pure,” and the French word, “En dela,” meaning beyond. Its name means that it is a body slimming cream that offers effects that go beyond your expectations with pure ingredients.

Puredela Boosting Body Cream contains hydrolyzed collagen extract and water parsley extract to firm the body’s skin, as well as Jimori root extract to help create a balanced body line. It also boasts an excellent moisturizing power as a fructan patented ingredient.

Dry off after taking a shower. Gently rub a moderate amount onto the skin as if massaging to promote thorough absorption for a refreshing, non-sticky finish after use.

A Serendi Beauty brand official said, “As the spring approaches and clothes become lighter, more women are showing interest in taking care of their body line that has been hidden all winter. Therefore, we have launched a convenient at-home body care product for customers with various concerns such as skin elasticity and leg swelling. The advantage is that it is made of mild ingredients, such as green tea extract and sweet pumpkin extract, so it can be used without irritation".

There is a promotion on the official online mall of Serendi Beauty through which a discount of up to 30% is offered for 3 days from March 6 (Fri.) to March 8 (Sun.) in celebration of the launch of the Puredela Boosting Body Cream.

Serendi Beauty is a brand that presents products of the finest quality used in high-end spas or skincare clinics at reasonable prices. In 2019, the brand won the Korea Consumer Surprise Index for the third consecutive year, and has been greatly loved by customers.


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