From NosyBe’, representing minimalist lifestyle, has gained popularity for best effect with minimal usage of products by introducing simple usage and eco-friendly ingredients.


One of the top selling products called ‘Peel & Good Essence mask’ contains AHA ingredient. It can be used only once a week to have the same effect as using a mask pack every day. It has been completed tests both for improvement of radiance and hypoallergenic, which indicate the product is safe to use on the sensitive skin.

Its sheet is an eco-friendly fabric made with woven cotton to minimize skin irritation. It can hold 10 times or more of moisture of the sheet weight and also adheres well on the skin. It contains Angelica root and Cordyceps militaris extracts, which calm sensitive skin. Green tangerine vinegar increases your skin moisture by removing dead skin cells.

 ‘Peel & Good Essence mask’ is recommended for those who:
• have sensitive skin
• don’t have time to do one pack a day
• want mild exfoliation
• are looking for all-in-one mask pack that works for exfoliation, nutrition, moisture, brightening, and anti-aging effects


Using ‘Peel & Good Essence mask’ with regenerating cream or repair cream product will give a brighter and clear skin.

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