'From NosyBe 75T’ has been upgraded

From NosyBe is a brand that delivers values of the best result and satisfaction with a minimal product and have announced that 75T, a natural caffeine tea, has been upgraded and re-launched.



'From NosyBe 75T can be consumed every day without trouble as it contains Guarana extract, a natural vegetable caffeine that can replace caffeine in coffee. The both Arginine which helps relieve swelling and Taurine which refreshes health are the main ingredients in the product that relief fatigue.


The newly released 'From NosyBe 75T includes 30 to 40 milligrams of Arginine which is about 2.5 times the amount of abalone, called the ocean's nourishing food, and also 30 milligrams of Taurine, a representative ingredient for fatigue recovery, which helps restore energy and improve vitality.


It also contains protein, fat, and carbohydrate decomposition enzymes, that quickly absorb nutrients and smooth digestion. Its package design has been renewed to reflect the sweet and sour taste of the 'From NosyBe 75T. The color symbolizes healthy vitality so that the product can be enjoyed with color.


'From NosyBe' official stated that '75T' is the tea for people who overly consume coffee to keep awake and who experience heartburn due to caffeine. It is also an energy drink that ease chronic fatigue, reduces body swelling, and increases blood circulation. It helps boost health and vitality during the change of seasons.

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